Friday, 31 October 2008

In Loving Memory to Pete Hellen

I would like to deidicate my blog to my cousin Pete Hellen who should be celebrating his 24th birthday today. Unfortunately Pete passed away in February 2008. He went to sleep and never woke up.

We found out later that he had a massive rare brain tumour in the very base of his skull and that had he known he had it could never have survived it.

Rest in Peace Pete. Never will you be forgotten.

Love Pip xx

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.

Today i will be wearing my vampire bat earings from Whitby (where Brams Stoker came to when he came to England and supposedly got his inspiration for his Dracular novel) and I will finally be able to eat the gorgeous biscuit I bought from my local cake shop. mmmmmmm.

Halloween card

Beverley who hosted and arranged the Halloween blog hop has sent me a card to say thank you for taking part. I adore the card, and you are most welcome hun, I have loved doing the hop since 17th October, it's fab to do something different. Thanks so much for organising.

From Sequin

My lovely friend sequin was wanting a good home for some tweezers that were surplus and i was chuffed to bits when she said she could send a pair to - no more loosing sequins or getting attached to peel offs! And the lovely lady that she is also included a gorgeous RAK for me to play with.

Thank you so very much hunny, you are too kind. mmwah

October ATC sawp on CB

The theme this month was decoupage and here are the wonderful ATCs I received from Squeak and Cambiel, I also got a thank you ATC from Copse who hosted this months swap.

Gorgeous ATCs, thank you very much ladies, I love them

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Pollycrafts Challenge

I am speechless, I found out the other day that I have won the Christmas challenge on the Poolycrafts website (see friends list). I won a fantastic papercraft projects book which I received today and can be seen above for some cross stitch christmas decorations I made. See "Latest makes" dated 1st October so see them for yourself.

Thank Chris, I love it.

Nestabilities Swap

I really really want a cuttlebug and have wanted to try nestabilities scalloped circles etc for ages so the other day whilst on CB I decided to be really cheeky and see if someone would swap some for some crafty items. Well not one but two lovely ladies said they would swap and above is what they sent. The two big packs of pale colours are from Maggie and the christmas ones plus the ATC and papers are from Aims

Thank you sooo much Maggie and Aims you are soo kind, I am chuffed to bits with them and can't wait to play.

More Halloween Makes

I made some simple ATC's with some of the pumkin peel offs I got and loved. I kept them simple to make the most of the pumpkins. I know some people hate them but I love them for ATC's, sentiments etc.

The bookmark is for the October bookmark swap on CB and I also entered it into the Halloween challenge. The close up picture of the witch shows the moon better which I did in glow in the dark thread. No excuse for loosing your bookmark now!!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Welcome Halloween Blog hoppers!!!!

Hello and welcome all Halloween Blog hoppers.

Over the next two weeks I will be uploading my halloween makes for all to see and comment on if you wish so watch this space!

Here is my first ever halloween card to get it started.

Latest handbag charm

I enjoyed making the one for the swap on CB so much that I made another the other day. Then when I heard one of the other members of the swap hadn't received hers due to RM I sent it to her, hopefully this time recieved safe and sound. I was in charge of the swap and hate the thought that someone spent time on it and didn't get anything in return.

Crafty Stash buys

Not been chatting much lately but since getting a monster migrane last wednesday I have seem to have had a constant headache since and my sleeping pattern is totally shot as been sleeping as and when the pain allows. This on top of a busy time at work and home has left me totally out of it and I'm struggling to maintain everything and not let my depression flare up.

Doctor gave me some better painkillers than what I had the other day and something to help me sleep so I am slowly starting to get back to normal although home especially is manic with business stuff and trying to maintain the house (such a loosing battle on that one). Bathroom looks like someones emptied half mine & OH clothes on the floor, the other half being my current ironing pile. I joke not!

On the plus side my OH gave me some money towards a crafty shop yesterday to cheer me up, which it certainly did. Above is what I bought. Tomorrow will be my 13th day in a row at work due to covering holidays so I can't wait to have a craft only day on sunday and play with my new buys.

Fab RAK from ann-b

I received the above yesterday from the lovely anna-b from the CB forum.

I love the card and papers, thank you so much hunny you made my day.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A couple of ATCs

I worked seven days last week as was covering holiday so didn't get chance to do much crafting, however with the little time I had I managed to make these two ATC's. The winnie the pooh ATC is for an ATC decoupage swap on CB and the other was just me playing around.

Hopefully I'll have chance this weekend to have a better play.

Another 3lb gone Yipee!!!

Yep second week and another 3lb lost. Not really sure how I managed to loose 3lb when I didn't go swimming due to a migrane and headaches but still I'm not arguing. I did however join the local leisure centre swimming membership on Sunday as part of their open weekend and saved myself a heft joining fee. I love getting a bargain! Just need to make sure I go swimming three times a week now!

Hope to have more good news next monday when I get weighed again.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Blog Candy Available

Please go over to The craft table as she has a fantastic blog candy prize to offer! This is to celebrate hitting the big 10000! Big congrats Martine.


Thrilled to little pieces. I have just found out that I have been given this award from the adorable Pinkpuppy and Draytonlady!

Thank you so much ladies, I am over the moon!

There are a few rules to having this award:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog
2. Link the person you received the award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours

Here are my nominations...


Thursday, 9 October 2008

My first Handbag charm

I am hosting this months swap which is for Handbag charms with an "Autumn Inspiration". I was thrilled when Autumn won because this is my favourite time of the year and I adore autumn colours both to wear as well as to look at.

Here is my contribution.


The card from Wiggley reminded me how much I adore poppies and roses, they are by far my favoutite flowers. Poppies because they are so pretty and because they are a "June" flower and I was born in June. I love roses (especially red ones) because I love their elegance, I also had these decorating my bag at my Christmas Eve wedding.

I also find yellow roses and daisies particularly pretty as these are my grandad and nan's favourite flowers. I like to have yellow roses around me on his birthday in rememberence. And if I want to cheer up my Nan I know a simple boquet of daisies are the way to go.


I received two more fantastic RAKs this week.

The first the ATC, card, ribbon etc is from Tiggertastic - thanks hun, can't wait to have a play with the RAK especially the yummy looking cupcake paper.

The second came from Wiggley - thank you very much, I had admired the card on CB and was gobsmacked to receive it in the post with the gorgeous earrings aswell, you are too kind.

Thank you both very much.

Monday, 6 October 2008

I've lost my first 3lbs!!!!!

I am over the moon today becuase I have lost my first three pounds. This is despite having a bad head cold and only going swimming once and then last night letting my OH buy KFC and a big bag of buttons each! Oh dear.

Going to try and go swimming three times this week as I'm supposed to and not eating the KFC and buttons and hopefully this time next week will have more good news (fingers crossed). So far so good.

Phillipa x

Crafting Time

I don't usually find I have the time and the inspiration at the same time but the other day I did so I made the most of it and had a play.

The card is for a friends birthday next week - I have been wanting to use this feather dress for a while now as I love it.

The ATC's were a bit of fun. I have quite a bit of off cut paper/small pieces received in Raks that I wanted to use and loads off peel offs that I had never used for various reasons. I don't use peel offs loads and decided I wanted to see what effects I could get from them to make them look interesting and above are the results. I adore the seahorse one, simple and yet effective. The decoupage Eeyore was going to go on a card but I have entered an ATC swap over on CB and thought he would be ideal. Can't wait to have time to play some more, especially more ATCs.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Card and RAK from Sequin

I woke up feeling yuck this morning and think I am coming down with cold. So imagine my surprise when I received not one but three raks!

The first two from Draytonlady and Metaltedgrrl and this from my lovely friend Sequin.

You made my day. Thank you

And some more

The above are some gorgeous ATCs that I have received from the CB ladies

The top one is from Torpenhow07
The middle is from Hellybelly
The bottom from Heather1981

Thankyou very much ladies, your work is lovely.

Some more thankyous

The ladies over on the CB forum are so very generous and above are some more of their soo very generous RAKs

The papers, images and beads are from Aims

The stenil and glitter were in the swap and are from Draytonlady.

The mobile phone charm, stamps and embellishment are from Metaltedgrrl.

Thankyou so very much ladies.

CB Swaps

I love entering the swaps on CB as they can really make me think and I can try things that I wouldn't usually try.

The lovely house card is from Courtneys mum for the "New House" swap

The gorgeous earrings are from Renata in the first ever Jewellery swap, she also very kindle sent me the lovely notelet and fish charm, very me! Cant wait to use it in a special piece of jewellery.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Bookmark Mystery

I received the above bookmark from the September swap on CB but as yet noone has owned up to making it. Such a shame as it's a gorgeous bookmark and I would love to say thankyou personally.

Thank you mystery person
Phillipa x

CB Thank yous

I am hosting a handbag charm swap on CB titled "Autumn" and the girls have been so very kind and added in a thank yo for hosting. It was so unexpected but I am over the moon and very grateful. Above are a few of the pics of what they have so kindly sent.

The bag charm and decoupage are from Copse, the earring and beads from Mrs Aardvark, the beads are from RachelSian19, the embellishments etc are from Shellyhope there are also a couple of ATC's and a RAK from Bigbunnies UK that I received too which I will add tomorrow when I have downloaded the pics.

Thank you ladies, it is so very very kind of you.

Phillipa xx

Latest makes

The sweet little card is for my niece's birthday on the 16th October. I loved making something so girly and pink for a change, I also entered it into challenge on CB.

The second pic is my entry for the bookmark swap over on CB titled Autumn Leaves. Autumn is my favourite time of the year and I really enjoyed making this one. Tempted to make another for myself.

Last pic is the christmas tree decorations that I have entered into not one but two challenges over on CB. Deffinately going to make more before christmas, think they're cute.

For all my makes please see "my makes" slideshow