Friday, 2 January 2009

3rd Wedding Anniversary cont......

We always exchange cards on our anniversary despite it being christmas eve. Above are the cards that my husband and I made for each other.

My OH is not a naturally gooey person so I kept his card plain and to the point for him and he loved it.

The top picture is the card my husband made me and the picture below is the inspiration behind it - the cross stitch picture my mum gave to me as a momento of my wedding day. I adore this card and was so pleased with it, especially since he made it himself. (He'll be raiding my crafty stash next, lol)


tiggertastic said...

such lovely cards, i really like the story behind your hubbys card, so lovely to use the cross-stich design

Sarah x

torpenhow07 said...

Lovely cards, how fantastic you hubby made your card.
You will have to watch your stash lol
Sorry I haven't been visiting much but what with all the celebrations I don't know where the time has gone.
Oh well and it's back to work on Monday so back to normal should have some time for blog hopping again now

tiggertastic said...

Hi hun, please check out
it is up and running

Sarah x

Liz, said...

Both cards are great, well done him wasn't that thoughtful.
It is our 3rd on Monday - we are off to buy some leather at the weekend ;)