Saturday, 31 January 2009


I have been taggedd by Jackie to a photo challenge and this is what I have to do:

1) Go to the 6th photo folder saved on my PC (or not if you file them in a different way)

2) Choose the 6th photo stored and upload to to your blog

3) Write something about the picture.

4) Then tag 6 new people to join this challenge....

My picture is of my very happy husband Sam and the 12pound cod that he caught off the North East coast last year - a personal best for him (that earned him a voucher and a reputation on his fishing forum) and an extremely tasty meal for me and some other family members!!

I am going to tag!

Karen (Copse)
Sarah (Tiggertastic)
Karryn (Pinkbubble)
Aimee (Aims)
Natalie (Sequin)
Jane (Draytonlady)

1 comment:

queenie said...

wow thats some size of a fish,love the piccy.
tracy xx