Thursday, 11 September 2008

Girl Power

My OH and I run our own business selling lures and accessories and today I saw the best lure ever. He gets in so many nice lures (i know i know it's sad for a girl to think lures are "nice") but I am catching the bug, plus the colour etc are amazing and the range well, I thought crafting could be an expanding hobby!. So much so that today I actually asked him to take me pike fishing. I have fished for carp, tench and perch etc in the past with my biggest carp being 14lb (rather decent)but for some reason want to try for a pike to see what all the fuss is about. Also whats the point of me being part of the business if I have never tried it myself???So above is a pic of my lure and hopefully I will soon be blogging about what I have caught - not just a cold lol. Wish me luck

Phillipa x

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Sequin Bead said...

How lovely of your OH! This is just goreous and i love the colour x