Monday, 1 September 2008

I've had this idea in my head for a day or two and sat down today to make it.

I used magnetic hematite some seed beads and letter "P" charm from ebay and memory wire

Quote from internet about Hematite

"Crystal healers credit Hematite with the ability to bring about a calm mental state, improve memory, mental focus and concentration, bolster self-confidence, and increase the effectiveness of logical processes of the brain."

I love the look and feel and couln't wait to use it in my jewelery making.
Hope you like
Phillipa x


Sequin Bead said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS darlin, keep up the excellent makes x

Beverly said...

I love it - its quiet yet powerful!
I like its touch of sparkle too. :)

I must pm you about a bracelet I had custom-made for its healing ability using emerald for a special person.