Thursday, 11 September 2008

Really Excited

I am over the moon this week because last week at work I got a massive surprise when I was told I had won the july monthly award beacause of all the extra work I had taken on for another department. They gave me a £50 voucher for Handyhippo! Wow - spent nearly three days looking at what I could buy before finally deciding, this was on top of some money my OH had found in my ebay account that he said I could use for my crafts. WHOOP WHOOP. Well I have been dying to try heat embossing so decided this was the best possible time. My stuff started to arrive yesterday with the remainder today, well it felt like it was my birthday! I'm off next week and the week after and can't wait to play with my new toys. Will blog what I make, I say with my fingers crossed lol.


pinkpuppy said...

What a lot you have there! love the blog! have added you to mine!

Sequin Bead said...

That all looks fab! just fab philllipa! and ohhhh your sooooo lucky to have a pink heat gun , hope you have lots of fun with it all x