Friday, 17 October 2008

Crafty Stash buys

Not been chatting much lately but since getting a monster migrane last wednesday I have seem to have had a constant headache since and my sleeping pattern is totally shot as been sleeping as and when the pain allows. This on top of a busy time at work and home has left me totally out of it and I'm struggling to maintain everything and not let my depression flare up.

Doctor gave me some better painkillers than what I had the other day and something to help me sleep so I am slowly starting to get back to normal although home especially is manic with business stuff and trying to maintain the house (such a loosing battle on that one). Bathroom looks like someones emptied half mine & OH clothes on the floor, the other half being my current ironing pile. I joke not!

On the plus side my OH gave me some money towards a crafty shop yesterday to cheer me up, which it certainly did. Above is what I bought. Tomorrow will be my 13th day in a row at work due to covering holidays so I can't wait to have a craft only day on sunday and play with my new buys.

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torpenhow07 said...

Great stash phillipa, hope you get chance to play on sunday