Monday, 6 October 2008

I've lost my first 3lbs!!!!!

I am over the moon today becuase I have lost my first three pounds. This is despite having a bad head cold and only going swimming once and then last night letting my OH buy KFC and a big bag of buttons each! Oh dear.

Going to try and go swimming three times this week as I'm supposed to and not eating the KFC and buttons and hopefully this time next week will have more good news (fingers crossed). So far so good.

Phillipa x


pinkpuppy said...

O well done you!!

Denyze said...

Well done, keep it up. I'm dieting as well, lost 9lbs so far. If you haven't already seen it already, there's a thread for all us dieters on the CB forum for moral support.


tiggertastic said...

That is excellent news, well done hun, i am so pleased for you

Sarah x