Thursday, 19 February 2009

First proper scrapbook page

8x8 colour paper (as 6x6 was way to small for 3 photos but 12x12 seemed an awfully big page and a bit too daunting to start.)
Photos are printed on Tesco Premium 120gms paper
Spots paper from a RAK
Fish, lilly pads and flowers are mounted peel offs.
Title done on computer and printed off on premium paper as above

I came up with the layout myself in the end but I will definately be using the links suggested to me on the CB forum as I feel I will need the help and ispiration they give. However, I wanted this one to be all my own work though to start to see what I could do more/was capable of more than anything. Knew it would either work or it wouldn’t.

I'm so glad the koi peel offs came accross well. I'm not a big fan of peel offs myself anymore after seeing what other options there is but I saw these and fell in love with them. I will only use peel offs now if I can make them look more unique and not just as sticker for the sake of it.

I can’t wait to have another go and I’m already looking at pictures to use.

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torpenhow07 said...

This is a great page Pips, well done