Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pin Display

Ages ago I asked the lovely ladies on the CB forum for advise on how to display the charity pins I have bought over the years. Well they were fantastic and came up with loads of ideas to try. In the end I chose Carolyn's idea of putting material over a frame and pinning them on.

I found some left over yellow gingham material (i love gingham) and bought a pine picture frame from the charity shop and removed the backing and the glass and voila.

Really happy with it and have also put some redundant brooches I have on there aswell and theres even space left over so I can add to it. I'm going to hang it up in my craft area.


Jane said...

What a fantastic collection of badges you have there Pips, I love them displayed like that. I see clangers, soup dragon {I think} Bag Puss love them all

pinkpuppy said...

That is just brilliant Pips well done!

queenie said...

Fantastic,love the gingham.
ohhh i can see the clangers...childhood memories,great collection.