Friday, 27 February 2009

Jewellery Makes

I have got the Jewellery bug at the moment and have made several necklace for my Nan. She loves her beads and after receiving her birthday prezzie asked me to make a couple more necklaces for her.

The purple necklace was part of her recent 80th birthday prezzie which was the first of my makes and was what prompted her to ask me to make more for her as she adored this one.

The Pearl necklace was designed for "everyday" use and the green necklace was desinged to go with the outfit she is wearing to my little sisters wedding in April and the bracelet was an added extra that she wasn't expecting but loved. The style of the green necklace was based on a pair of earrings that I made for myself as part of a jewellery challenge (see further down my blog)which she thought were lovely.

I gave her them today and she was thrilled with them which made my day. She then gave me a bracelet that she can't wear as its too big and asked me to make either into a necklace or a smaller bracelet! Will post the results when I've had a play!

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torpenhow07 said...

Beautiful makes Pips, no wonder your gran was thrilled